BIRDIE consortium meets in Nantes

On March 2, the whole BIRDIE consortium convened in Nantes to discuss the progress made so far in the project and to plan the coming stage to achieve our goals of creating physiologically relevant in vitro kidney models.

The meeting was also a great time for all the people in the consortium to get together to share insights and experiences and to create a stronger community to promote science and innovation throughout Europe.

The two days were filled with great collaborative brainstorming and exciting discussions covering a wide range of topics, such as viral infection studies, kidney gene expression patterns, stem cell and organoid differentiation, biomaterial design, and new technology development in bioprinting and kidney chip technology.

The BIRDIE project brings together frontline research and technology to tackle one of today’s most important healthcare challenges. It is great to see the whole consortium gathered to discuss how we advance together. We have many exciting things planned in the project and I look forward to the year ahead.

Dr. Carlos Mota, BIRDIE Coordinator

Through our discussions during the meeting and through all the research and development work done so far, we can create a strong foundation for building an in vitro system that can provide physiologically relevant information and capture the real-life complexity of the kidney function.

The coordinator and participants thank the team of Nantes Université for the great environment, the opportunity to learn about the regional history and the great French cuisine.