Bioprinting on-chip microphysiological models of humanized kidney tubulointerstitium

An EU funded research consortium developing three-dimensional (3D) in vitro human renal tubulointerstitium (TI) models with an unprecedented degree of mimicry and function towards native kidney. The primary focus of the project is the investigation of viral infection and nephrotoxicity applications, and to make the model applicable also to other kidney-related diseases.

Recent News

An expanded toolbox

To fit the research needs within the project, our consortium partner Fluicell has developed a switching toolhead for their Biopixlar bioprinting platform.The toolhead combines a high-precision printhead with a microfluidic open volume liquid dispensing tip. The new toolhead with be…


Are you attenging TERMIS-EU 2022 this week? During the conference, there are several opportunities to watch presentations by BIRDIE-associated researchers. The BIRDIE program starts tomorrow, June 28, with the symposium Advanced Biotechnology and Biofabrication approaches for soft tissue engineering and…

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