Partner Services

The BIRDIE project combines leading European academic research groups with expertise across bioprinting, stem cell biology and microphysiological modeling with innovative biotech and life science SMEs. In addition to participating in the BIRDIE consortium, our industrial partners TissUse and Fluicell offer commercial research services to academic and industrial research institutions alike. Read below to find out more about what type of research solutions each of the companies provide.

Fluicell Services

Fluicell provides a wide range of in-house research services based on high precision microfluidic bioprinting and single-cell biology, including in vitro tissue pilot projects, customized tissue bioprinting, bioprinting application development and single-cell assay design.

Fluicell offers a wide range of bioprinting services based on the single-cell bioprinting platform Biopixlar, including:

  • Pilot studies: Evaluate in vitro tissue bioprinting with cell lines or primary cells. Test viability of printed cells over multiple days. Print on standard or custom substrates.
  • Tailor-made in vitro tissue development: In vitro tissue and disease model generation and optimization. Fluicell develops custom protocols to optimize co-culture conditions.
  • Post-printing application development: Fluicell optimizes printed tissues based upon your assay input and perform custom assays using various readouts.

In addition to the providing bioprinting research solutions, Fluicell offers assay development, based on the company’s proprietary open volume microfluidic technology with applications across single-cell biology, biomedical research and safety pharmacology.

Fluicell also provides tailor-made microfluidic technology development services, including hardware, microfluidics and software interfaces tuned for you specific needs.

For further information, visit Fluicell’s website.

TissUse Services

TissUse offers high-value service contracts to create custom solutions of (multi-)organ-chips for safety evaluation of drugs, cosmetics and chemicals, and pre-clinical human disease modelling.  Any new chip design serving customer needs with a specific organ arrangement can be prototyped and produced at short notice due to a proprietary rapid prototyping procedure established at TissUse.

The versatile TissUse approach addresses multiple organs & tissues to make the right chip for the right assay with the goal to accelerate drug development to benefit patients worldwide.

TissUse’s experienced team with long-standing expertise in Multi-Organ-Chip assay development (>50 publications) will design your flexible, efficient and reliable assay for safety or efficacy testing.

  • Safety: Identify hazards before moving on to exposing organisms with your substance of interest.
  • Efficacy: Get early and strong indication of your substance performance early in the development process.

For further information, visit TissUse’s website.