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Are you attenging TERMIS-EU 2022 this week? During the conference, there are several opportunities to watch presentations by BIRDIE-associated researchers. The BIRDIE program starts tomorrow, June 28, with the symposium Advanced Biotechnology and Biofabrication approaches for soft tissue engineering and in vitro models tomorrow (S06, Room S3 A, 13:30 – 15:00). The symposium is supported…

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The Future of In Vitro Models – Workshop

Join us tomorrow at 15:00 CEST for an exciting stakeholder workshop on the future of in vitro models, gathering experts from multiple areas to discuss new opportunities for research and diagnostics. You can join the workshop live on YouTube here: For more information an the workshop, check out our flyer: The workshop is organized…

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BIRDIE Voices: Vivek Damodar Ranjan

In this edition of BIRDIE voices, we meet Dr. Vivek Damodar Ranjan, a postdoc in the group of Dr. Franck Halary at Nantes Université whose research is directed towards using tubulo-interstitium in vitro models to discover new biomarkers for use in virology and drug discovery. Vivek is not only an invested researcher, he is also…

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BIRDIE Voices: Michelle Jäschke

Creating systemic in vitro models is a major challenge for medical research and drug development. While human cell cultures offer accurate representation on a cellular level, they lack the complexity and connectivity of a real organ. Animal models, on the other side of the spectrum, are inherently systematic, but are poor stand-ins for human biology.…

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Birdie Voices: Jopeth Ramis

We are continuing our Birdie Voices series, presenting the people that make up the Birdie consortium. This time, we meet Dr. Jopeth Ramis, a postdoctoral researcher at Maastricht University who’s work in the Birdie project focuses on creating biomaterials that mimic the extracellular components in the kidney, that lets him cultivate different kidney cell types.…

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Biride at TERMIS-EU

At this year’s TERMIS-EU meeting in Kraków, June 28-July 1, we will be hosting a symposium titled “Advanced Biotechology and Biofabrication approaches for soft tissue engineering and in vitro models” together with the FET-Open project ENLIGHT. Check out the conference webpage for meeting and registration details. We look forward to having an inspiring and enlightening…

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BIRDIE Voices: Sveva Fagiolino

In a series of articles we will present some of the people that make up the Birdie consortium, each representing a unique perspective on the project and its goals. First out is Sveva Fagiolino who’s work as a PhD student in the Additive Manufacturing and Bioprinting group at Maastrich University is focused on differentiating induced…

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BIRDIE project comes to light

We have launched a BIRDIE dedicated website ( and Twitter account (@project_birdie). On the website you will find all the relevant information about the project, its vision, scientific background and project plan, the team behind and relevant updates. BIRDIE, with its full name Bioprinting on-chip microphysiological models of humanized kidney tubulointerstitium, aims at developing three-dimensional…

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  • The Future of In Vitro Models Workshop, June 16
  • Termis EU, Krakow, June 28-July 1

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